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Simplicity and Horror: Content Warning’s winning formula



Horror games are renowned for their jumpscares, dark corners, and intense soundtracks — but Content Warning's secret weapon is undeniably its unique graphics.

Looking at games like Baldur's Gate 3, Dragons Dogma 2, The Outlast Trials, and even Amnesia, it's clear that high-quality graphics are at the forefront of a vast majority of video games today. After all, they can make an adventure immersive and can heighten the thrills of those delving into terrifying basements or places no sane person should want to enter unprotected.

However, Content Warning proved that there's no need for a dramatic soundtrack or realistic graphics when you have big scares and scary monsters.

Content Warning proves there's more to horror than looks

Content Warning gameplay

With horror games, immersion is one of the keys to success. After all, you have to be glued to your screen for horror or disturbing monsters to scare you. So, many look to graphics to help create a terrifying atmosphere.

However, this concept is completely turned upside down by Content Warning, which has a low quality design, intentional and unique, compared to its AAA cousins.

As soon as you descend into its dark basement-style landscape, you're greeted by a visual design reminiscent of a scribbled drawing found in one of Outlast's asylum rooms. Furniture, walls, and even floors appear menacing, and most cast a monster-like shadow, causing anxiety and suspicion at every turn.

What's so interesting about this is the notion that you're just as immersed — if not more so — by these graphics, despite them being rather “simplistic” compared to games of a similar caliber. Such design and lack of dramatic music indeed serve to heighten the tension of Content Warning, creating a horror game that fans are already obsessed with.

This is proof that clothes don't make a man, especially when reality is called into question in a horror game like Content Warning.

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