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Six games leave PS Plus Extra and Deluxe in July; check out!



With the arrival of more options in the PS Plus Extra and Deluxe Games Catalog, Sony has already shown in the “Last Chance to Play” tab which will be the next games to leave the service, on July 16th. This time, the exit package consists of six games.

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The main name of this group is Tiny-Tina’s Wonderlands, a spin-off from Borderlands, which shows the character on a type of RPG board experiencing a story involving dragons and other fantastic elements. Check it out below:

  • Tiny-Tina’s Wonderlands (PS5, PS4)
  • Dysmantle (PS5, PS4)
  • My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure (PS5, PS4)
  • Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of Sh1ft3r (PS5, PS4)
  • Kingdom Two Crowns (PS4)
  • Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (PS4)
PS PLus Extra and Deluxe games leaving in JulyPS PLus Extra and Deluxe games leaving in July
(Source: PushSquare)

These changes to the PS Plus Extra and Deluxe Game Catalog happen monthly. The service, at these two more robust levels, is like Netflix and Prime Video, where content arrives and leaves with a certain frequency and does not belong to the subscriber.

Remember: you have until July 16th to complete the campaigns or platinumize the titles above. Once removed, they can only be accessed again if the full game is purchased.

FM 24 is removed from the June PS Plus Extra and Deluxe catalog in Brazil

Football Manager 24 is not available for purchase on the PS Store in Brazil, and consequently, it will not appear as an option in June’s PS Plus Extra and Deluxe in our region. Find out more details here!

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