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Sker Ritual arrives on PS5 on April 18; undated PS4 port



Wales Interactive has confirmed that Sker Ritual will arrive on PS5, Xbox Series and PC on April 18th. However, those playing on PS4 and Xbox One will have to wait a little longer, after all, the developer said that the ports will be made available at “a future date”.

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The news, released this Monday (4), came in a press release, where more details of the title were shared. It is worth remembering that the game has been in early access for PCs since October 6, 2022. Check out the main gameplay features:

  • The game offers the choice between playing alone or as a team, with up to four players online. The intensity of the enemy hordes adjusts depending on the number of players. The game highlights elements of horror, strategy and collecting items to face increasing challenges.
  • On Sker Island, new enemies with unique abilities require strategic adaptation. By defeating them, there is a chance to obtain Miraculous Powers that improve shooting, attacks and healing.
  • Masks inspired by various horror themes can be collected for customization.
  • Interactions between players include taunting teammates with unique voice lines. The Laughing Policeman offers weapons, ammunition and upgrades at specific locations on the maps.

Big game creators are behind Sker Ritual

Maid of Sker spin-off, Sker Ritual has a free demo available on the PS Store — preparing fans for its April launch. Check it out here!

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