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Skull and Bones has new content and improvements on PS5



In the first season of Skull and Bones, prepare to confront new rivals as tensions rise in the Raging Tides. Players will face Philippe La Peste, the “King of Prague”, and his very heavy fleet. Not to mention the improvements prepared for the PS5.

The vanguard of the “Pestilence Fleet” will emerge across the world. Whoever defeats them will guarantee the “Plaguebringer Captains Heads” resource. As you sink more Plaguebringer ships, you progressively increase the Pestilence Fleet's hostility.

Beyond a certain level of hostility, this crew of Skull and Bones can send a powerful enemy after you. And the news doesn't stop here. There is a plan for new content on the way and you can stay up to date with the information below:

Boss Rewards:

  • From Week 2: March 5 to 26, 2024

Jaws of Retribution: Introducing Zamaharibu!

  • From Week 5: March 26 to April 16, 2024

With the update, many balances in vessel equipment were promoted, and of course, improvements for all platforms were launched. On PS5, Ubi improved the following in the graphics:

Increased the loading speed of Outpost assets during the loading screen that occurs while the player disembarks the ship.

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