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Skylines 2 for consoles is still being tested by devs



After releasing news about plans to update the economy of Cities: Skylines 2, Paradox Interactive was surrounded by console players on social media. The game is scheduled to arrive on PS5 and Xbox in October 2024, but little information has been shared, after all, the port is being tested.

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The person who confirmed this was the title’s official account in interactions on social media. After many questions from followers asking for more details about the title’s arrival on consoles, those responsible for the simulator said the following:

Paco Callantes: Console release? Please answer me.

Cities: Skylines: The console version is undergoing a series of test builds to achieve the required level of performance and stability. And we are working hard to make this happen!

While the console version of Cities: Skylines 2 is highly anticipated, the PC edition suffers from heavy criticism from the developers. Will it be working normally by the time the title arrives on PS5?


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