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Solo Leveling: All Important Season 1 Deaths Explained



Now that season 1 of Solo Leveling is over, it's time to look back at all the significant deaths fans have seen in the anime so far.

From the first episode of Solo Leveling, fans understood that the anime was going to be aimed at an informed audience. As bloody as it is brutal, we see from the start that the universe adapted from the Chugong manhwa is very hostile, with the life of each character being constantly threatened. And that of the protagonist is clearly no exception to the rule.

Known as the “weakest hunter ever,” E-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo embarks on a fateful quest that will change his life forever. Faced with a brutal death, he is offered a second chance by a mysterious “System”, which will offer him all kinds of challenges in order to help him gain power. This is how Jinwoo's journey begins, as he goes from being the weakest to being the strongest.

And the fact is that in just 12 episodes, we can see many characters losing their lives in season 1 of Solo Leveling. Some deaths will have a decisive impact on the plot, while others will be more anecdotal in relation to the story. That's why we're going to focus here on the significant deaths that have happened in the anime so far.

1. Rank D Dungeon Hunters

The group of hunters at the start of the Solo Leveling anime

The first significant deaths that occur in season 1 of Solo Leveling are memorable for a reason: it's the first turning point in the story. At the start of the anime, Jinwoo accompanies a group of hunters on a quest to a D-rank dungeon. However, things will take a dramatic turn after discovering that there is another dungeon hidden inside, a Double Keep called “the Carthenon Temple”.

This is how they will meet the statue of “God” and the other statues, leading to a terrifying massacre which will leave only a few survivors. Many hunters will lose their lives as a result. And although the characters in question are secondary, their death will have a real impact, both for the remaining characters and at the level of the main plot. It also helps set the tone of the story.

2. Cho Kyuhwan and Lee Chul-Jin

Cho Kyuhwan and Hwang Dongsuk in Solo Leveling

Cho Kyuhwan and Lee Chul-Jin are members of Hwang Dongsuk's group and C-rank hunters. Kyuhwan is a mage who uses fire magic, while Chul-Jin engages in melee combat. using a sword. Like their team leader, they are also cruel men who regularly lead unsuspecting hunters to their deaths. Jinwoo kills them and their entire team in the blink of an eye.

3. Hwang Dongsuk

Hwang Dongsuk in Solo Leveling

Although Song Chiyul warned Jinwoo about “lizards cutting off their tails,” referring to hunters killing other hunters, it wasn't until he met Dongsuk's group that Jinwoo would actually encounter it. . Hwang Dongsuk is a C-rank “Tank” at the head of a team that needs two additional low-rank hunters to explore a C-rank dungeon. To do this, he hires Jinwoo and Yoo Jinho, a D-rank hunter.

It later turns out that, despite his rather amiable appearance, he is a cruel man who regularly kills other hunters while taking them on quests. Dongsuk and his team are the first humans Jinwoo kills, a step that will change the protagonist's personality forever. Dongsuk's death also has another notable consequence, as it makes Jinwoo the enemy of a powerful S-rank hunter.

4. Kim Sangshik

Kim Sangshik in Solo Leveling

During the Double Dungeon Massacre, one of the few who managed to escape was Kim Sangshik. He is a D-rank hunter and devoted family man who risks his life for the sake of his wife and children. When the horrific events of the Double Dungeon begin, he is among those who selfishly abandon Jinwoo and the others to escape.

Sangshik reunites with Jinwoo, Juhee and Chiyul during the Dungeon & Prisoners Arc. During this quest, he ends up witnessing Kang Taeshik killing the prisoners. This leads to his downfall as the hunter brutally kills him and Kang Jeongho. During his final moments, he finally apologizes to Jinwoo for abandoning him. His death has a profound impact on Jinwoo, who wants to hate him, but understands the love he has for his family.

5. Kang Taeshik

kang taeshik solo leveling

The strongest human Jinwoo fights against in the first season leads to one of the major deaths of the series. Kang Taeshik is an Inspector working for the Hunters Association Monitoring Team. He is a B-rank Hunter and Assassin type who also works as a hitman.

Taeshik is a cruel and bloodthirsty man who finds pleasure in killing humans. He admits that despite being a hunter, he prefers to kill humans rather than monsters. Taeshik accepts the job of killing three prisoners from their victim's father and uses the dungeon to get rid of them.

After killing Sangshik and Jeongho who witness his murders, he fights and is eventually killed by Jinwoo. Taeshik's death proves how Jinwoo is stronger than a B-rank hunter and also allows him to gain his Camouflage ability.

6. Igris the Bloody

igris in the anime Solo Leveling

While Taeshik was the strongest human opponent Jinwoo had faced in the anime so far, Igris far surpasses him. After suddenly receiving a class change quest, Jinwoo goes to a dungeon and meets Igris the Bloody, the final boss of the dungeon who is guarding an empty throne.

Clad in blood-red armor, Igris is a formidable opponent. After a brutal fight, he is finally killed by Jinwoo. Igris is an honorable soldier and rightfully deserves the position of first soldier in Jinwoo's shadow army after he gains his Necromancer ability.

So, Igris' death is by far the most significant in the series so far. It is also thanks to her that we will be able to discover the famous “get up” moment, and this is why the death of Igris will probably have a role to play in the rest of the plot now that he has joins the ranks of the army formed by the “Monarch of Shadows”.

Here are all the important deaths that occurred in season 1 of Solo Leveling. There will surely be others in the sequel to the anime, which has finally been confirmed by Crunchyroll and whose title has also been revealed, entitled Solo Leveling: Arise from the Shadow.

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