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Solo Leveling: an animator promises that things “will heat up” in the rest of the anime



The anime Solo Leveling has already offered spectacular scenes to its spectators, and it seems that it is far from over, according to a host.

The novel and the webtoon were already more than popular, and the anime has done them justice since its beginnings. Solo Leveling has indeed proven that it deserves its place among the biggest Shonen franchises by taking up the story of Sung Jinwoo.

The hunter, initially the weakest of humanity, stopped struggling in the portals appearing in the world, to become a “player”. Thanks to the system, the hero continues to evolve and gain strength, facing ever more formidable adversaries.

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But after the fight against Cerberus, the spectators were left wanting more. This was due to a break in the anime, which pushed back the release of episode 8 by a week. Fans can rest assured: the wait is soon over, and the sequel should even be much more sensational.

The anime Solo Leveling will heat up even more from now on

Animation producer Atsushi Kaneko recently spoke to Animate Times about what fans can expect from Solo Leveling in the future.

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I would like you to not only watch the action scenes that will always heat up, but also the evolution of Sung, through the meetings, the farewells and the battles that await him with powerful enemies.

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The message is clear: the action scenes will therefore become more and more intense, but this is not the only strong point of the anime. The hero's growth occurs through many situations that also deserve attention. In any case, the statement is encouraging for the rest of the series.

And that's good, because the webtoon still contains quite a few scenes eagerly awaited by its fans. Until then, we will have to make do with episode 8 of Solo Levelingwhich will be released on March 2, 2024.

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