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Solo Leveling Episode 8: Release Date and Spoilers



The anime Solo Leveling will tackle a new arc: release date and time, spoilers, here is everything you need to know about episode 8.

The adaptation of the Chugong manhwa clearly succeeded in convincing the public: the anime Solo Leveling lives up to its reputation, not dropping in level as the episodes follow one another. And if episode 8 will be pushed back a week, it will still include a key moment in Sung Jinwoo's story.

The young man has changed rapidly since meeting the double-dungeon statue and gaining the powers of the system. Having gone from being humanity's weakest E-Rank to becoming an ever-improving player, Jinwoo seems unstoppable. And this, even if his fight against Cerberus, in front of the infernal fortress, was very complicated.

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The hunter's newfound power has opened doors he never thought he would pass through. His next goal, in addition to gaining levels, is to complete 19 dungeons in the company of his new friend Jinho, who has offered him a surprising – and very lucrative – collaboration.

The anime will soon tackle a new arc of Solo Leveling. The next episode will therefore be among the most important. Release date and time, spoilers: we tell you everything you need to know about this eighth part.

Episode 8 release date and time Solo Leveling

Episode 8 of Solo Leveling was delayed by a week : fans were expecting it for February 24, but it will actually be released March 2, 2024 on Crunchyroll. Ironically titled “This Is Frustrating” (“it's frustrating“), this section will be available from 6:30 p.m. in France.

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Before him, the studio A-1 Pictures released episode 7.5 on February 24. It was an opportunity to provide a summary of the events that happened at the start of the first season.

Spoilers for episode 8 of Solo Leveling

Episode 8 of Solo Leveling is titled “This Is Frustrating

sung jinwoo hell solo levelingcrunchyroll

Sung Jinwoo finally found a way to save his mother, but creating the Elixir of Sacred Life won't be easy. For his part, Kang Taeshik, a member of the hunters' organization, receives an assassination request from a man wanting the death of criminals. As for Song Chiyul, he teaches swordsmanship to an S-rank hunter.

He will then find Sung Jinwoo, Kim Sanshik and Lee Juhee, as they all prepare to enter a portal. But things may well get out of hand: in addition to the double-dungeon team, you will have to count on Kang Taeshik and the criminals, who have officially come to do community service in the portal.

As Jinwoo said so well in Solo Levelingwhen a hunter enters a portal, he should expect to become prey…

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