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Solo Leveling fans still in shock after this webtoon scene



The anime Solo Leveling is nearing the end of its first season, but for some fans, the best is yet to come… and the worst too.

The year started off with a bang on the anime side with Solo Leveling, the adaptation of the webtoon of the same name by the studio A-1 Pictures. Its charismatic main character started from nothing to achieve a series of victories as a hunter in portals that appeared in the modern world. But the spectators are far from having seen everything!

Indeed, many scenes are impatiently awaited by fans of the famous manhwa. And other moments, on the contrary, already promise their share of sadness. This is the case of a particular chapter of the webtoon, which sheds light on a character and his special relationship with the hero.

Warning: this article contains spoilers from the webtoon Solo Leveling !

Fans of Solo Leveling can't get over the death of Sung Jinwoo's father figure

Go Gunhee, the president of the Korean Hunters Association, becomes something of a mentor for Sung Jinwoo throughout the chapters of Solo Leveling. His death in the manhwa is all the more difficult to face for readers, who say they are still in shock.

go gunhee rank s south korea solo leveling

Left too early“, estimates an Internet user on a dedicated Reddit thread. “I'm rereading the manhwa after two years, this scene really touched me“, added another.

The original post evokes the scene of Gunhee's death, where the president gives one last piece of advice to Jinwoo, formulated as a final request: “When the day comes, please stay on the side of the humans.” The character's moving ending touched the hearts of readers, who continue to remember it, demonstrating author Chugong's mastery in writing his story.

Gunhee here refers to a conflict between superior forces, which have come to invade the human world. Where rulers want to protect men, monarchs only seek destruction and death. And while Sung Jinwoo is lost between several choices available to him, his mentor's last wish will confirm his decision.

The scene takes place in chapter 151 of Solo Leveling : it should not arrive immediately in the anime. Unlike this other event highly anticipated by fans, which could well arrive in a season close to the series from the A-1 Pictures studio.

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