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Solo Leveling: Fans want to see this terrifying webtoon arc adapted into a film



Solo Leveling made a lasting impression with the release of its anime, and spectators are already planning for the future.

The adaptation of the Chugong webtoon by the studio A-1 Pictures broke everything at the start of 2024. Solo Leveling sets records, and the number of spectators continues to increase to follow the adventures of Sung Jinwoo. It is indeed difficult to ignore the adventures of this hero who went from a mediocre hunter to a “player” capable of defeating any monster within the portals appearing in a contemporary world.

At the beginning, Solo Leveling is a Korean web novel. It then received a manhwa adaptation, and its already well-established popularity literally exploded, with Jinwoo's story crossing borders to reach an international audience. If the anime can be seen as a consecration of Jinwoo's reign, fans of the webtoon remain just as numerous. And they have very specific expectations for the rest of the adaptation!

Fans of Solo Leveling want to see a specific arc adapted into a film

Many fans of the webtoon Solo Leveling spoke out on social networks to demand the adaptation of the Jeju arc into an animated feature film.

dream choi jongin broken glasses in solo leveling

As season 1 nears its conclusion, with only two episodes left before its end, readers have been embarking on theories for the sequel. Because the A-1 Pictures series took some liberties in the narrative of Solo Leveling. To do this, she dug into both the manhwa and the novel and sometimes asked for details directly from the author Chugong.

The format therefore remains rather free for the next arcs adapted to the eyes of certain Internet users who expressed themselves on a dedicated Reddit thread. And the Jeju arc is among the most anticipated. Already teased in certain episodes of the anime, including the 10th which offered a masterful animation sequence, the arc is one of the most terrible of the webtoon.

Let's be positive and hope that the entire Jeju arc will have this level of animation and execution“, noted a user when talking about the dream scene in episode 10 of the anime. To which another then replied: “Hopefully it will be made into a film. Imagine… “Solo Leveling: Jeju Island”

The project would not be unfeasible according to Redditors, especially with the popularity of the first episodes: “Taking into account the success of the first season, they will invest more money in the second,” predicted another Internet user, before adding: “The Jeju arc with the latest animation level of Sword Art Online is going to be a big hit.

As explained at the start of season 1 of Solo Leveling, Jeju Island was assaulted by ant-shaped creatures that escaped from an S-rank portal. Korea's best hunters were unable to liberate the land, despite numerous attempts that left them scarred for life. However, a mysterious project seeks to relaunch the attempted raid on the island.

Without going into spoilers, the arc is intense and also offers the opportunity to meet exceptional hunters from other nations in the sequel to Solo Leveling.

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