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Solo Leveling just broke the worst record on Crunchyroll



Solo Leveling has been a sensation since its debut, but the anime has just won a record that no one normally seeks to beat.

This is one of the small successes of the start of 2024: the adaptation of the web novel and the manhwa by the studio A-1 Pictures has enchanted spectators since the start of its broadcast. I have to say that Solo Leveling has everything you need to please.


Released just after the end of season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen and just before the continuation of Demon Slayer, the dark fantasy series has chosen its niche perfectly. Its tale of the progress of a monster hunter, barely surviving through portals appearing in our contemporary world to eventually becoming a formidable fighter, has captivated many viewers.

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Added to these arguments are the designs of the renowned studio A-1 Pictures, its treatment of action scenes and its animation, and everything is perfect! Except there's a catch : the anime has just broken the worst possible record on Crunchyroll.


Solo Leveling just broke the worst record imaginable on Crunchyroll

The anime Solo Leveling started its broadcast on Crunchyroll on January 6, and has already managed to explode its record of dislikes on the platform.

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jinwoo sunset solo leveling animation partnerssolo leveling animation partners

It all started from a small error: while the series was only 7 episodes in, the studio A-1 Pictures decided to take a break to release a recap, i.e. episode 7.5. The idea was very poorly received by the community, which did not fail to make it known.

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When writing this article, episode 7.5 of Solo Leveling thus counts more than 65,500 dislikesoffering a negative ratio which had never impacted the series since its release, accustomed to warm welcomes from spectators.


If such a number of dissatisfied fans can make you dizzy, we must also take into account that it is partly due, precisely, to the popularity of the anime. Because Solo Leveling managed to convince so many spectators to follow the adventures of Sung Jinwoo, the disappointment is all the greater and more visible than in a series aimed more at a niche audience.

Fortunately, episode 8 of Solo Leveling seems to be raising the bar, finding a positive ratio in fan reactions. And we must also take into account the words of a host, who promises that the rest of the anime “will heat up”.

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