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Solo Leveling just teased the anime's most epic fight



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The anime Solo Leveling offers many twists and turns, but the best is yet to come: because episode 10 ended by teasing a moment particularly awaited by fans.

Released in January, the adaptation of the webtoon Solo Leveling signed by Chugong has come a long way. The episodes animated by the renowned A-1 Pictures studio created varied, but always powerful, emotions in viewers. From the double dungeon in which Jinwoo goes from mediocre hunter to “player”, to the fights against crazy killers, the hero's evolution is dazzling.

However, readers of the webtoon know it well: we are only at the beginning. Because a much more grandiose destiny awaits the hero, even though he is already more powerful than at the beginning of the story. His efforts seem inhumane, but what happens is sure to amaze spectators. Especially since a very important scene was announced at the end of episode 10.

Warning: this article contains spoilers Solo Leveling !

The anime Solo Leveling is about to adapt one of the most epic scenes of the manhwa

At the end of episode 10, Sung Jinwoo receives a message from the system, stating that “the player has reached the required level” for a “class change quest“.

Solo Leveling just teased the anime39s most epic fight

If for the spectators who discover Solo Leveling, this only announces a new mission, the readers know what the change of class refers to. And the excitement has already reached its height in the comments on Crunchyroll, but also on social networks.

Well next week we will FINALLY have the first of many long-awaited fights!” remarked one subscriber, when another was satisfied with a “Next episode!!! IGRISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS“.

Because episode 11 promises to reveal a new key character for the hero's entourage: before the latter changes classes, he will have to face a formidable opponent. The fighter is even teased by the title of the next part of the anime: “A Knight Who Defends an Empty Throne“, which can be translated as “A knight defending an empty throne.”

Subsequently, the knight in question will return under the name Igrit (or Igris in the English translation) and will support Jinwoo, even becoming one of the favorite characters of the webtoon readers Solo Leveling.

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