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Solo Leveling Season 2: Release window, plot and more



Solo Leveling ended in an epic cliffhanger, with Sung Jinwoo finally uttering the order fans of the webtoon have been waiting for. And the rest has been announced: release window, plot, we tell you everything about season 2.

It can reasonably be said that Solo Leveling marked the start of the year 2024 in terms of anime: the adaptation of the manhwa from Chugong and studio Redice kept fans in suspense for 12 episodes full of fights, in a world invaded by “portals” opening onto alternative realities.

The enthusiasm was so strong for the series that many fans had fun placing it alongside big productions such as Demon Slayer Or My Hero Academia, they are also particularly anticipated for this year. Obviously, in the face of such enthusiasm, it was difficult to ignore a season 2: the Aniplex studio therefore made the announcement at the end of the finale of the first part of Solo Leveling.

When will Sung Jinwoo return and what will he face this time? We tell you everything we know about season 2 of Solo Leveling.

Season 2 release window Solo Leveling : when can we expect to see the anime again?

Season 2 of Solo Leveling does not have an official date, but seems planned for 2024. Be careful, however: the information comes from the publishing house of the manhwa, and has not yet been confirmed by Crunchyroll or Aniplex since.

This is in fact what emerged from various Korean media outlets discussing the economics of the publishing house D&C Médias, at the origin of the webtoon adapted by A-1 Pictures – a subsidiary of the Aniplex studio in charge of the adaptation. The president of D&C Médias, Choi Won-young, announced in February (in comments available on Naver) “a strengthening of the international strategy for this year“, specifying : “For Solo Leveling, which is a popular work, we confirm the broadcast until season 2 in collaboration with Aniplex, the best Japanese animation studio.

In the same way, the media The Bell affirmed in February 2024 that “season 2 will begin broadcasting in the second half of the year“.

However, it is better to wait for confirmation from Aniplex or Crunchyroll, in charge of distribution in France. Especially since delays are common in the field of animation.

Plot of season 2 of Solo Leveling : what will the sequel be about?

The first teaser for season 2 of Solo Leveling shows the hero in a special outfit, wearing a coat that will appear in the Red Portal arc. The event comes just after the class change, which gave Jinwoo the status of Shadow Monarch.

The red portals are anomalies, which lock hunters in worlds much more dangerous than initially announced, and prevent the arrival of reinforcements. Very often, expeditions end in massacre and it is rare to see survivors again. For Jinwoo, this will be the first opportunity to reveal the potential of his brand new shadows.

After the Red Portal arc, comes the Infernal Citadel arc. But to say more here would be to spoil the plot of season 2 of Solo Leveling.

Finally, it is quite likely that the sequel to the anime will once again evoke Jeju Island. The first season took liberties with the adaptation of the webtoon, bringing forward the discovery of a flying ant. It is therefore possible that the arc linked to the island appears in the sequel, or that we continue to build suspense through flashbacks or new discoveries.

This space will be updated as soon as new official information is available regarding season 2 of Solo Leveling.

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