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Solo Leveling: Top 10 most powerful webtoon characters



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The universe of Solo Leveling is full of many powerful and exciting characters, but there are ten that clearly stand out.

The anime Solo Leveling successfully launched in January 2024, quickly placing itself among the most popular dark fantasy series. The story follows a young hunter who goes from zero to hero, gaining a power that allows him to improve in each of his fights thanks to the experience accumulated like in a video game. But he is not the only character!

If the anime focuses primarily on Jinwoo, humanity's weakest hunter suddenly becoming the most formidable, the webtoon from which it is adapted contains other colorful individuals. Because by being overpowered, the hero needs to meet adversaries who must be worthy of him. Hunters and other humans of course, but also rulers and monarchs, these two ancient races of superior beings created to either protect humanity or reduce it to nothing.

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Indeed, the story ends up adding challengers who are a little more talkative than the simple monsters and beasts of the dungeons. So, who are the 10 most powerful webtoon characters? Solo Leveling ?

Warning, for those who have only seen the anime, this article contains spoilers from Solo Leveling.

10 – Legia

legia solo levelingdubu(redice studio), chugong, h-goon 2018/d&c webtoon biz co.

Legia is a powerful monarch captured by the rulers after the death of the Absolute Being. He has no physical body, but remains a formidable being and is sent to the human world to kill Jinwoo.

In his service, we must count on an army of giants that he does not hesitate to launch on his victims to commit mass killings. Finally, he is capable of distorting time to bring about the end of the world. He is, however, no match for the protagonist, powerful enough to defeat him in a single blow.

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9 – Tarnak, or Iron Body

tarnak iron body solo levelingdubu(redice studio), chugong, h-goon 2018/d&c webtoon biz co.

Iron Body is a monarch, king of indestructible monstrous humanoids. Believing that Jinwoo is not worthy of continuing Ashborn's legacy, he fiercely opposes his existence as a vessel of the former monarch.

Able to manipulate the energy of his opponents and change the statistics of his opponents, but also to travel in space-time, he is particularly dangerous. Fortunately, his arrogance works against him and will provide a loophole for Jinwoo and the hunters who want to put an end to his actions.

8 – Baran

baran monarch of white flames solo levelingdubu(redice studio), chugong, h-goon 2018/d&c webtoon biz co.

Baran is also called the Monarch of White Flames. What interests him above all is Ashborn, against whom he opposes. The quarrel is old, since it dates back to the fight between Ashborn and the leaders: Baran, alongside Rakan, was instructed to defeat the shadow monarch. And even after Rakan's withdrawal, the White Flame Monarch never gave up, until his last breath.

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His army is made up of demons from hell. He can use lightning and fire, and his inexhaustible reservoir of mana helps him manipulate time. It's difficult for hunters to face him, including S-rank ones. Even Jinwoo will be in trouble in front of the White Flame Monarch.

7 – Bellion

bellion solo levelingdubu(redice studio), chugong, h-goon 2018/d&c webtoon biz co.

Bellion is the most loyal shadow of Ashborn, the Shadow Monarch. When his master was alive, Bellion served as his right-hand man and carried out his orders without hesitation. And when Jinwoo is chosen to succeed Ashborn, Bellion becomes his most formidable weapon.

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In addition to his staggering power, Bellion wields a hybrid weapon between sword and whip, reminiscent of a centipede. His true potential is shown when he confronts Beru, another terribly dangerous character, and brings him to his knees.

6 – Beast, the monarch of beasts

beast rakan monarch of beasts solo levelingdubu(redice studio), chugong, h-goon 2018/d&c webtoon biz co.

Beast is the monarch of beasts, but is also known as Rakan. Certainly one of the most selfish characters in the series, he is the one who abandoned the fight against Ashborn, leaving his ally Baran alone to face the shadow monarch.

But his strategic choices, although betraying a certain cowardice, cannot conceal a terrifying power: he returns to service when Jinwoo welcomes Ashborn's legacy, and deeming him weaker, he attacks him. He is a formidable opponent, capable of transforming into a beast and taking advantage of an army of monstrous creatures. However, understanding Jinwoo's true potential, he will prefer to retreat once again. And to hide from his enemies, he has the perfect defense: an ability to hide between several dimensions, becoming particularly discreet.

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5 – Frost

frost king of the snow people solo levelingdubu(redice studio), chugong, h-goon 2018/d&c webtoon biz co.

Frost is known as the King of the Snow People. He is able to manipulate ice and shape his soldiers from frost, having his slight preference for beasts. His skill also allows him to create ice storms to buy time and plan his next move: as he prefers a well-crafted strategy rather than a frontal attack, arranging to trap Jinwoo and deliver him to the beast monarch .

But if he has to face his opponents, he does very well too: his speed helps him avoid attacks and deliver dangerously powerful blows, capable of confusing the most seasoned hunters. Finally, in addition to benefiting from his sleeping magic, he can create his own dimensional portals.

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4 – Sung Il Hwan

sung il hwan solo levelingdubu(redice studio), chugong, h-goon 2018/d&c webtoon biz co.

Sung Il Hwan is not just anyone: initially a firefighter, he became an S-rank hunter and began hunting demons, quickly becoming renowned in the industry… before being declared dead, leaving his family alone. It was the eldest son who then had to provide for his family, but there was a problem: he was nicknamed “humanity’s weakest hunter.”

Yes, Sung Il Hwan is actually Jinwoo's father. And the father is as formidable as Jinwoo's worst enemies. When Hwang Dongsoo threatens to kill his son, he beats him soundly. His power, however, has never served an oversized ego, as with most S-ranks: his objective is simply to help those most in need, by putting his strength at the service of others.

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3 – Ashborn, the Shadow Monarch

ashborn monarch of shadows solo levelingdubu(redice studio), chugong, h-goon 2018/d&c webtoon biz co.

Probably the most powerful and incredible monarch existing in Solo Leveling, Ashborn hasn't always been in the camp of world destroyers. He was once a ruler, fighting in the name of the Absolute Being to defend humanity. When an internal war pushes the leaders to destroy the divinity, he prefers to keep his distance, which does not please his allies or his enemies very much.

Tired of the conflict between the different races and still loyal to the Absolute Being, he entrusts his powers to Jinwoo and guides him in his own way to ensure that his heritage is used well. It is thanks to him that the hero becomes what he is and benefits from super-powerful powers – including that of relying on the strength of defeated enemies, transformed into shadows.

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2 – Antares, the monarch of destruction

antares monarch of destruction solo levelingdubu(redice studio), chugong, h-goon 2018/d&c webtoon biz co.

The oldest and most powerful monarch, Antares' existence tends towards a single goal: chaos, calamity and the destruction of humanity. Also known as the Dragon Emperor, he represents the ultimate enemy to defeat in Solo Leveling.

This final boss has terrible abilities to undermine the heroes who face him: his roar freezes his opponents and terrorizes them, the regeneration of his enemies can be bypassed at will, and, above all, he can destroy everything that has the misfortune of being in the surrounding area.

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1 – Sung Jinwoo

jinwoo solo leveling a-1 picturesa-1 pictures

First shown as humanity's weakest hunter, Sung Jinwoo narrowly escapes death in a double dungeon which turns out to be a test. He is the only one to pass the test by meeting all the criteria, and then becomes a “player”, a separate being capable of increasing his strength after each fight.

Thanks to this interface worthy of an RPG, the young man progresses quickly, not hesitating to put his life in danger to gain levels more quickly. Knowing no limits since obtaining this providential help, he can, over time, get rid of any enemy.

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An army of shadows at his command, the advice of the former monarch Ashborn reaching him via the system, a strength increased tenfold by his skill points, Jinwoo finally wins the title of most powerful character in Solo Leveling.

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