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Solo Leveling: Who is the terrifying “god” of the double dungeon?



The first two episodes of Solo Leveling introduce an evil entity known as “God”. We explain everything we know about this being as powerful as it is sinister.

The manhwa Solo Leveling was unanimous among webtoon readers. And they have reason to rejoice, because the anime adapting the Korean comic strip is currently a success. Between the impeccable animation of the A-1 Pictures studio and the dark fantasy story mixing several genres, the series has many arguments to convince of its legitimacy among the top popularity charts.

The story revolves around Sung Jinwoo, a somewhat failed young man, who only obtained weak powers to go and fight in portals leading to alternative universes. But he persists in doing this job, because he needs the salary, even meager, to pay for his mother's care and his sister's schooling.

This is where the spectators get to know him, embarking from the start into a dungeon known to be weak. Unfortunately, everything will not go as planned: because the group of hunters will discover the presence of a double dungeon and risk it. Bad luck for them: a powerful entity awaits them there, and its trap has closed on the small group.

But what exactly is the creature that calls itself “God” in the double dungeon of Solo Leveling ?

What's going on in the double dungeon? Solo Leveling ?

By entering the double dungeon, the group of hunters actually enters a trap with precise rules. They will have to follow the “commandments” of a tablet to hope to survive.

It is Jinwoo who understands the conditions to escape, and will thus allow certain characters to escape. Unfortunately, someone must sacrifice themselves to ensure the doors to the room open. Having had his leg amputated and therefore unable to help healer Juhee, Jinwoo remains in the center of the circle. The statues beat him until he dies… except that at the last moment, Jinwoo gets the opportunity to complete a quest and save his skin.

He then gains access to what we can call the “System”. But why ? And what is the role of the living statue calling itself “god” in all this?

Warning: spoilers from Solo Leveling straight ahead!

Explanation of the statue of the “God” in the double dungeon of Solo Leveling

First commandment: you shall worship God!

The statue that grants Sung Jinwoo his new “power” is actually a simple puppet designed by the System Designer. The latter is a supernatural being and antagonist of the series, who seeks a human body for Ashborn, the Shadow Monarch.

The Statue that Jinwoo sees in the double dungeon is the replica of the Absolute Being. This statue carries out the Designer's orders and tests every human who enters the room, in an attempt to find the right host. Over the years, the Designer has tested several humans for Ashborn, but only Jinwoo succeeds in passing all the tests.

Who are the Absolute Being and Ashborn?

The Absolute Being is the life force that created the Monarchs from darkness and the Dominators from light, when only these two elements existed.

jinwoo solo leveling a-1 pictures

The former were created to destroy the world while the latter were created to protect it. For although indeed being a divinity, the Absolute Being remains above all an individual in search of entertainment.

When the dominators ask him for more power to finally get rid of the monarchs, the Absolute Being ostensibly ignores them, thus showing that he is in no way seeking for the war to stop. This is why all the dominators then seek to assassinate the Absolute Being… all, except Ahsborn.

The latter is a powerful dominator, but refuses to ally with his own people to kill the Absolute Being. His own race nevertheless does without his help and manages to eliminate the deity. And when Ashborn is reincarnated as a shadow monarch, he discovers the god's corpse on his throne.

Jinwoo is therefore chosen to become Ashborn's host and fight, thanks to the System designed by the Designer. If he is not immediately aware of it, the hunter will learn it later, in revelations made by Ashborn himself.

The anime Solo Leveling is available in simulcast on Crunchyroll.

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