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Solo Leveling: why the episode 12 teaser hypes fans



While the teaser for episode 12 of Solo Leveling has appeared online, fans seem more than excited to discover the finale of the anime, notably highlighting one element in particular.

After making headlines for several months, Solo Leveling is about to end with episode 12. Being undoubtedly one of the flagship animes of this winter 2024, many fans are therefore impatiently waiting to be able to witness the finale of this first season.

A craze that has exploded since they discovered the latest teaser, published before the release of the final episode. Indeed the last video, which lasts barely a few tens of seconds, managed to keep everyone in suspense. The majority of the teaser shows Sung Jinwoo as he fights the endless army of undead knights, with a small scene of Go Gunhee inserted in the middle. The level of animation seems to be on par with previous episodes. But there is one element in particular, namely the action scenes, that impressed fans the most.

Fans were recently disappointed after the release of the first previews of episode 12 of Solo Leveling. They notably complained that the images revealed were too “boring” and that they “showed nothing”, simply presenting the faces of certain characters such as Jinwoo, Jinah and Gunhee. However, this new action-packed teaser has reignited excitement for the finale, promising a thrilling experience to come.

The teaser also reminds viewers that Solo Leveling is about to end, at least for now. They express their excitement for episode 12 and also ask for more episodes on social media.

On X (formerly Twitter), a user then commented: “I can’t wait to finally watch this”while another said: “I’m already looking forward to the new season”. “We will be there to witness the climax”wrote a fan, with another Internet user who declared: “Please let them announce a sequel at the end”. A common request for many fans.

The action-packed teaser for the finale Solo Leveling managed to attract fans to watch episode 12, which is scheduled for release on March 30, 2024. And for those who would like to continue after the anime, here is how to read the webtoon in France.

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