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Sonic Frontiers devs were “afraid” of failure



The Sonic Frontiers devs were super concerned about the direction the project ended up taking. At least that's what designer Yuki Takahashi said, in an interview with SEGA Japan (translation by super_ult). At the time, he explained that the open-world structure brought fear to the group, as “the team created something new and, if it failed, there would be no other chance”.

Fortunately, the title exceeded SEGA's expectations, and guaranteed a sequel with a more robust budget. According to programmer Yuki Mitsuishi, “he wants to use all the knowledge acquired to further evolve the third generation of Sonic.”

For now, we don't know what the next projects in the franchise will be like, but they will certainly bring elements from Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers continues to be supported

At the end of 2023, developers brought specific adjustments to the Final Horizon expansion. The update offered balance improvements and optimized some gameplay systems for other specific characters.

Easy mode has received new map layouts in Trial Towers and fixes Sonic's attacks with damage buffs. Meanwhile, Master King Koco's trial increases the maximum ring capacity and balances the health of Titan-level enemies.

Find out all the details here!

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