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Sonic Frontiers had a “tense” production and was a watershed



Sonic Frontiers was a watershed moment for the franchise and its developers. But this only happened after a “tense” period of production. SEGA Japan published, during the last weekend, a very cool interview with some people involved in the process, who detailed the anxiety and expectation that the game caused during its development.

For example, designer Yuki Takahashi commented that the game took five years to complete, with peaks of 120 people working on it. The main fear, of course, was bringing an open world to Sonic. According to employees, the thought was almost unanimous: if this game flopped, it could be the last opportunity to develop something with the legendary character.

Especially because the first impressions of Sonic Frontiers, even at this early stage, were not at all positive.

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During the first year, they created a prototype that they found “unsatisfactory.” Therefore, new features and a new engine to accommodate the open zone have arrived. The world was expanded and puzzles were added, but this slowed down the game and caused it to lose the sense of speed necessary for Sonic. So, a young programmer finally had the idea of ​​adding rails.

Sonic Frontiers was heavily tested

From then on, numerous tests were carried out to gather as much feedback as possible. At first, things didn't look very promising, but internal test scores began to increase as the team continued reworking the game, eventually achieving 8 and 9 ratings.

It couldn't have worked out better, could it? After all, in the end, the game ended up having a positive reception and sold a lot – 3.5 million copies, according to SEGA's most recent report.

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