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Sonic x Shadow Generations has Shadow details and maps released



Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team, spoke about several news about Sonic x Shadow Generations. According to him, a famous Sonic Adventure minigame will not be present, Shadow will not use weapons (as happened in Shadow the Hedgehog, on PS2) and there will be a special “open zone” made just for the anti-hero.

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In an interview with VGC, Iizuka delved into the topics mentioned above. According to the dev, the black hedgehog does not need to use firearms, as in his PS2 game, as he is already powerful enough to deal with his enemies.

Yes, in the games (Shadow the Hedgehog for PS2) Shadow used a gun. But when we talk about Shadow, he would use whatever he needed at the time to get the job done. So he would pick up a gun or ride a motorbike to carry out the task – he’s that kind of character. But he’s also extremely powerful and doesn’t need a gun or anything else because he can do it himself – he’s a weapon. So while there’s no need for Shadow to use a weapon, he probably won’t use one.

In the promotional image for Sonic x Shadow Generations, it is possible to see some Chao flying close to the protagonists. This made some fans speculate the presence of the Chao Garden minigame, from Sonic Adventure, in the remaster. However, Iizuka tried to throw cold water on this possibility.

There is no Chao Garden in Sonic X Shadow Generations. There are some that appear in the visual art and graphic material, and the reason is because there is a Chao Rescue gameplay feature. For those who have already played Sonic Generations, there is additional gameplay through this feature. But just to be clear, there is no Chao Garden in this game.


Finally, the developer talked about the hub where Shadow will find himself. In Sonic Generations (2011), The Sonics (classic and current) moved through a 2D, side-scrolling zone to enter the stages. With the black hedgehog, this will be different: he will be in an “open zone”, similar to Sonic Frontiers.

For Sonic Generations, the story is that everyone gets sucked into White Space, and there you go back through the story of the Sonic franchise. Shadow Generations is running parallel to this story, with Shadow also being sucked into White Space and revisiting the famous places of his past. The difference is that, in Sonic Generations, the hub world is 2D sidescrolling, while for Shadow, the team created an Open Zone hub world like in Sonic Frontiers, where you can run around and do whatever you want.

Sonic x Shadow Generations will be released on October 25th for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

Sonic x Shadow Generations gameplay shows Shadow’s campaign

Speaking of Shadow, who is even featured in Sonic x Shadow Generations and the Sonic 3 film, the most recent gameplay of the recently released title shows the anti-hero breaking everything. Look here!

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