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Sonic x Shadow Generations puts more spotlight on Shadow



There’s Shadow everywhere in 2024. In the Sonic 3 film, in the animation that will come out in July and especially within Sonic x Shadow Generations. For Takashi Iizuka, leader of Sonic Team, this is a very happy moment for him and for the anti-hero’s fans.

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When asked how he feels seeing all this commotion around the anti-hero, Iizuka did not hide his satisfaction with the topic and responded as follows:

In the third Sonic film, Shadow will be a featured character with a lot of spotlight on him. We will also have new gameplay content for Shadow with Shadow Generations, which will be found within Sonic Generations as new gameplay. As someone who was there with Shadow from the beginning, I’m so happy to see this all happening, that he’s getting this spotlight and getting all this attention.

Sonic x Shadow Generations will have an interesting campaign for those who like the black hedgehog. With the recent gameplays, you can feel how SEGA has prepared the content with care to serve its fans.

The game debuts on October 25th for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store).

Shadow “controls chaos” in Sonic x Shadow Generations gameplay

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