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Sony and Nintendo should be “embraced” by Microsoft, says ex-Blizzard



Former Blizzard executive, Mike Ybarra is already “retired” from games, but he continues to follow the biggest news in the industry. Recently, he commented on Xbox’s multiplatform approach and reinforced the importance of “embracing” Sony and Nintendo.

In response to a question (via X), Ybarra revealed that he believes it is a good time for Microsoft to explore other audiences. Even with the community’s concerns, it would be important to focus on “the studios, the players and the business”.


Look, I understand that hardcore Xbox fans want exclusives and want hardware to rule them all. Having worked on many consoles, I admit I have mixed emotions about this. I love the Xbox.

We need to put emotions aside and focus on the studios, the players and the business — and make difficult decisions. Given the size of Microsoft Gaming now, it’s not sustainable to not embrace all platforms.

Ex-Blizzard would try to bring Game Pass to Sony consoles

Ybarra also commented that, if he were in the leadership chair, he would no longer work directly on hardware. According to him, the right thing to do is to focus “the entire organization on games and on bringing your subscription to PlayStation and other devices”.

PlayStation and Xbox Game Pass logo.PlayStation and Xbox Game Pass logo.
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This statement comes shortly after Phil Spencer assured that more Xbox Game Studios titles would become available for Sony consoles. Even with this goal, it is still unclear what these franchises and properties would be.

Do you agree that this is the right way? Which Xbox games would you like to see on Sony platforms? Comment!

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