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Sony confirms Uncharted sequel with Tom Holland



Sony’s cinema division made a quick presentation about its plans for the future at CineEurope this Monday (17). And, among the news revealed, the confirmation of production of a sequel to the “Uncharted” film, starring Tom Holland, and the reinforcement of the adaptation of “The Legend of Zelda” with Nintendo stand out.

According to Variety, the company’s president of international distribution, Steven O’Dell, gave a brief summary of the next titles that should be released by the studio, revealing “an enviable list of filmmakers I was working with”. He even revealed that he trusts that Quentin Tarantino will make his farewell in a production with Sony.

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Among the films mentioned were Danny Boyle’s zombie sequel “28 Years Later,” starring Cillian Murphy, Jodie Comer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Taika Waititi’s “Klara and the Sun,” starring Jenna Ortega, and the upcoming Sam Mendes films about the members of the Beatles, which O’Dell said would be “different but connected.”

Also mentioned were Jason Reitman’s “SNL 1975,” about the lead-up to the premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” and the already completed “Kraven the Hunter,” set for release in December, the action comedy from Brad Pitt and George Clooney, “Wolfs,” also in December, and “Venom: The Last Dance,” still without an exact date, but at the end of the year.

Unfortunately, about “Uncharted 2”, there are not many details revealed yet. All that remains is to wait for official news soon.

Uncharted: Off the Map is light, fun and a great “afternoon session”

Films adapted from games always generate distrust. After all, it’s quite a challenge to reconcile the experience of 10 or 15 hours in which the viewer is active with a feature film of, at most, two and a half hours in which we just watch the events. They are different formats and, therefore, they don’t always work out – like the last Resident Evil.

However, Uncharted: Off the Map manages to fulfill the role of presenting a good adaptation. It wasn’t a difficult task because the Naughty Dog franchise was the ideal recipe for cinemas: action scenes, a charismatic character and an adventure full of dangers. Sony Pictures identified the essence and presented it in a light and fun way as good entertainment. Read our review here.

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