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Sony has already sold 18 million PS5 in Europe



VG Chartz's February estimate, with approximate console sales figures in Europe during this period, has just been released. And the data indicates that, this month, Sony managed to surpass the mark of 18 million PS5 consoles sold on the Old Continent.

According to the website, 434,848 units were sold last month, taking the total number of devices in the hands of the European public to 18.34 million in these almost four years of PS5 on the market. Sony's video game was the most successful in the category in February, with the Switch selling just over 185 thousand and the Xbox Series selling around 71 thousand.

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Other interesting numbers: PS5 sales in line with the launch of the PS4 are lower, by around 33 thousand units, and the same happens when comparing February 2024 with February 2023 – a drop of 16 thousand consoles. On the other hand, Sony sold a thousand more consoles in February than in January of this year.

In 2024, in total, the company is approaching 1 million devices sold in Europe – around 870 thousand so far. In Japan, also according to an estimate from VG Chartz, there were already around 400 thousand. Now we just have to wait for the statistics from Latin America and North America.

PS5 received update, but players still want other functions

PS5 patch 9.00 has arrived, and players can now enjoy a series of improvements promised by PlayStation, such as improvements to DualSense, Screen Sharing and more. However, there are still some features that fans have been asking for since the console's launch and have not been made available.

As highlighted by DualShockers, the main requests are themes, for customizing the console, and folders, for organizing games in the menu. The first responses to post from PlayStation announcing the news were all in this sense. Read more by clicking here.

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