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Sony has already sold almost a million PS5 in the Americas in 2024



With a performance very similar to January, PS5 sales on the American continent continue to do very well. According to estimates from VG Chartz, which carries out monthly monitoring of console sales around the world, almost one million units of Sony's video game were purchased in the first two months of this year alone.

In February, there were 497,534 – a slight drop compared to the 501,539 in January, but even so, there are less than a thousand units left for the first million – 927 to be exact, as the total recorded was 999,073 sales. This is the console's second best start to the year on the market since its launch, second only to 2023, when it sold 1,163,603 units in the period.

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In total, including the United States, Canada and Latin America, since the end of 2020, when the PS5 arrived in stores, Sony has sold more than 23 million devices. The global total, again, according to estimated data from VG Chartz, already exceeds 55 million.

Sony is testing new features on PS5 Explore

The PS5's Explore tab, finally, could get a new look – more functional, full of relevant options and even including background customization. Apparently, Sony is beta testing the changes, releasing them to some players, and the first reports are starting to appear – like this very complete video from influencer Mystic.

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