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Sony is investigating leaked PS5 Pro details



While the PS5 Pro specs that appeared online this week are impressive, Sony isn't happy about them being leaked.

Journalist Tom Henderson, who confirmed that the leak was real and even gave some new details about the hardware, used the social network X to inform that the company was already carrying out internal investigations in order to find out where the information came from. According to him, however, this should not be easy.

“As expected, Sony has initiated an internal investigation into the leaked Trinity documents as they were leaked during a third-party disclosure. I'm still not sure of the implications, not least because I don't believe they can identify an individual, but Sony could reduce its pool of third-party developers for new technologies as a result,” he wrote.

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Furthermore, Henderson highlighted that it is much more a procedure to avoid new similar cases than something actually related to this one.

“It’s not about preventing its circulation, but rather about preventing it from happening in the future. They release these things periodically and can probably limit them to specific dates, and anyone during that time will no longer receive updates.”

PS5 vs PS5 Pro: compare the specifications of each model

Over the last week, a ton of information about the PS5 Pro has appeared on the internet. They suggest that the mid-generation model will indeed be a powerhouse for the industry, especially compared to the current version of the console. The data was initially shared by YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead and corroborated by Insider Gaming.

Check out this link for a comparison between the models and see the main differences that may become clearer in the coming months.

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