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Sony launches PS3 update in 2024; check out!



Attention, players! Sony has just released a new PS3 update. Firmware has just been released for the console in 2024, bringing improvements to the system's performance.

The patch was released this Tuesday (27), but Sony did not detail the changes made broadly. The patch notes only state the following:

This system software update improves system performance.

Throughout the day, just like when this happens on PS4 and PS5, players must identify each of the changes promoted and how it will actually affect the experience of using the video game.

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How to download PS3 update?

On the official website, Sony left the following guide for downloading the PS3 update:

To download the update, you need at least 200 MB of free space on your PS3 hard drive (System Update) or removable storage media (PC Update).

Always update your PS3 system with the latest version of system software. By upgrading, you can enjoy additional features, improve usability, and improve security.

If you notice any difference after installing the new PS3 update, comment here on the site, huh!

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