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Sony may have revealed new Helldivers 2 stratagem



An email sent by Sony may have accidentally revealed Helldivers 2’s new stratagem. After players freed Penta during Operation Legitimate Undertaking, a statement was made available announcing the RL-77 Airbust Rocket Launcher reward. However, the promotional image is not the content referred to and shows a weapon not yet seen in the game.

In the comments on the leak’s post on Reddit, players noticed that the equipment resembles the weapon used by Arnold Scharzenegger in Kill Command.

Sony just leaked a new stratagem!
byu/p_visual inHelldivers

It is important to note that no information has been confirmed by Sony and the image may just be random promotional material. So far, the Arrowhead studio has not provided details about the new strategy for Helldivers 2. Therefore, treat the information with caution.

Mission in Helldivers 2 becomes good action in real life

Helldivers 2 players decided to save a group of sick children in Vernen Wells in the last Major Order. By putting aside a powerful ploy to take care of the little citizens of Super Earth, Arrowhead felt moved by the in-game act and made a donation to the organization Save the Children.

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