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Sony returns to selling game codes, but only in Brazil



After withdrawing game codes from circulation, Sony appears to have returned to selling through physical cards at partner retailers. However, this new feature is currently only available to Brazilian consumers, as highlighted by YouTuber Joao_PSX.

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At Magazine Luiza, games such as Star Wars, Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil Village and Cities VR are being sold. Interestingly, all cards are from titles for PS VR2, but as mentioned by the content creator, there is no official statement from PlayStation to better understand this initiative.

Nothing was mentioned about the price of cards with game codes or anything like that, however, those who played in the PS4 era were able to find them more frequently in stores. Currently, these products are still seen in large quantities, however, only to add funds to the PSN wallet.

While the PS Store doesn't have a system for offering games as gifts to friends or anything similar, perhaps this approach will move away from PS VR2-only titles and encompass more PS5 and PS4 options in the future. What do you think?

Do you prefer game codes or buying directly from the PS Store?

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