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Sony reveals details of Outcast, which arrives on March 15



Heeeey ya! No, calm down, wrong Outkast. Jokes aside, there are ten days left until the release of Outcast – A New Beginning, and Sony has released some interesting details about its gameplay. With a long post on the PlayStation Blog, signed by the director of Appeal, which develops the game, and a trailer lasting almost six minutes making a deep dive about the gameplay of the adventure.

“Every choice we made when developing Outcast – A New Beginning had, at its core, one motivation: freedom. It was important for us not to limit where players could go at any given time; instead, we provide the tools to navigate the detailed open world we've spent the last few years creating,” said Pablo Coma.

Check out the trailer:

An interesting gameplay detail is that the devs knew that the player would spend a lot of time controlling Cutter Slade, and they didn't want the walking and exploration to get boring. Therefore, unlike many other games, they did not make a progression to unlock transportation features, such as the “flight” suit. Everything will be available right away.

Another important point is that, as Outcast focuses heavily on this issue of freedom, players can do the missions however they want. According to Coma, however, each quest is important. In games of this type, we often have a lot of filler content that is there just to inflate the numbers. That won't be the case this time, guarantees the director.

Therefore, exploring will be rewarding. Both in terms of knowledge about the universe and in items themselves. Entitled to an arsenal full of possibilities.

“As you repel otherworldly invaders and navigate the verdant – but sometimes hostile – world of Adelpha, you will find yourself relying on your arsenal above all else. Instead of giving players a fixed selection of weapons, we opted for a near-infinite selection of modules to suit their play style. You can instantly swap out your modules to suit the situation, customizing your weapons for each encounter with over 100,000 possible combinations.”

Outcast – A New Beginning arrives on March 15th.

Outcast demo is available

The Outcast – A New Beginning demo is now available to play on PlayStation 5, but Appeal and THQ Nordic think that just releasing the experiment on PSN is not enough. To confirm that the game can catch your attention through experimentation alone, they released a video to encourage fans to try out the title. Click here to watch.

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