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Sony reveals improvements to PS Portal Wi-Fi and battery



The PS Portal has not yet arrived in Brazil, but its launch is close and Sony continues to invest in improvements for the portable device. Next Wednesday (19), players will have an update available for download that will improve functions such as Wi-Fi and the battery meter.

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Aware that many high-speed wireless connections can be found outside the home, players have invested in gameplay when they are away from the PS5, however, the interface did not help if additional screens for configuring public Wi-Fi networks were opened. Therefore, the update will take care of this issue:

With this new update, PS Portal will also connect to a variety of public Wi-Fi networks that may require additional validation steps beyond entering the network password. This includes Wi-Fi networks with login screens that can often be found in hotels, coffee shops, and airports.

PS Portal UI screenshot showing a QR code for network authenticationPS Portal UI screenshot showing a QR code for network authentication
(Source: PS Blog)

Along with this improvement, Sony will implement an effect to make it clearer when the touch pad is activated. Check out the video below:

PS Portal battery will be monitored more efficiently

With this update, the player will be able to choose whether or not the PS Portal will display the battery percentage during use. Just go to the menu (Settings) > (System) > (Battery). Check out what it will look like:

PS Portal UI screenshot showing remaining battery level in percentagePS Portal UI screenshot showing remaining battery level in percentage
(Source: PS Blog)

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