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Sony will be more aggressive and release games on PC faster



In addition to the expectation of Microsoft's announcement that it will bring its games to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, it seems that Sony's future is also to increasingly take first-party games to other platforms. At least, for computers.

The company's president, Hiroki Totoki, addressed the topic during a question and answer session with employees, after presenting the numbers from the last quarter's fiscal report. The idea is to have a “more aggressive” approach to the market.

“I believe there are opportunities out there to improve margin, so I would like to take a more aggressive approach to improving our margin performance. Before, we wanted to popularize consoles, and the main goal of an exclusive was to make the console popular. That's true, but there's a synergy there, so if you have strong first-party content — not just on our console, but also on other platforms like desktop — it can be expanded cross-platform, and that can help improve the operating profit, so this is another aspect we want to work on proactively,” he said.

The availability of PlayStation games on PC has yielded results in recent years, with titles such as God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man, and the tendency, therefore, is for other of the company's successes to be adapted for computers in the near future.

PlayStation studios are “very motivated”, says Sony

Hiroki Totoki also shared important information in Sony's latest financial report. He said he has been visiting PlayStation studios and getting very positive responses, finding creative and highly motivated developers. Click here to check more details.

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