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Sony would have an exclusive deal for Black Myth Wukong, suggests Microsoft



Microsoft may have hinted that Black Myth Wukong would be a temporary exclusivity release on PS5 (counting consoles only).

The RPG had its pre-sale started on PS5 and PC recently, but on the Xbox Series it ended up being postponed. According to developer Game Science, this was due to optimization problems in the North American company’s video game. However, the company suggested another reason for this.

Despite the producer’s official statement, rumors began to circulate about a supposed temporary exclusivity agreement for Black Myth Wukong with the PS5. Then, a Microsoft representative told Windows Central “it cannot comment on its partners’ business with other platform holders”.

We are looking forward to the release of Black Myth Wukong on Xbox Series X|S and are working with Game Science to bring it to our platforms. We can’t comment on our partners’ deals with other platform holders, but we remain focused on making Xbox the best platform for gamers, with great games at the heart of that.

Jez Corden, journalist for Windows Central, points out in his article that he heard “murmurs” during the Summer Game Fest in Los Angeles, USA, about the supposed exclusivity.

Is important highlight that Game Science has already officially said the reason for the postponement of the title on Xbox Series. So, this statement from Microsoft could just be a error. Therefore, treat all of this as mere rumors.

Black Myth Wukong GameplayBlack Myth Wukong Gameplay
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