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Sora, from Kingdom Hearts, congratulates Final Fantasy VII Rebirth



Kingdom Hearts 4 will be set in Quadratum, where we will apparently be in the real world and, apparently, Sora has been walking around Shibuya. The game's official page on X showed art of the keyblade wielder, to congratulate the launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which arrived on PS5 on Thursday (29).

Sephiroth has already crossed Sora's path, as has Cloud, so the character is “familiar” with the events involving the pair of rivals. With this in mind, the devs created an image with the protagonist observing Sephiroth in several panels at an intersection:

As explained in the bottom left corner of the image above, the image came from Kingdom Hearts III, so calm down. It's no spoiler or indication that Quadratum will be this way in Kingdom Hearts 4, huh.

For those who haven't been following on social media, these promotional panels in Shibuya, a special region of Tokyo, have been promoting Final Fantasy VII Rebirth frequently. With Sephiroth's theme song echoing throughout the city, several reports were shared by fans. Look:

While Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is already among us, there is still little information left about Square Enix's plans for Kingdom Hearts 4. Will we see Sora wielding his keyblade in 2024? We continue to look forward to it!

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