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Space Between arrives on PS VR2 in the coming months



Titanic A Space Between jogo de terror com o Titanic ao lado esquerdo um monstro ao fundo e um homem segurando uma pa para se defender

Titanic: A Space Between, which has just arrived on Meta Quest, will have ports for PC VR and PS VR2 “in the coming months”. The Globiss Interactive studio, founded by two brothers, in partnership with the publisher Boombox, spoke again about the port for other platforms in a press release.

The game promises to take players on a scary journey back to the RMS Titanic. With a focus on realism and immersion, the game offers an extensive combination of puzzles and escape mechanics, interwoven into an engaging story. Watch the trailer below:

Globiss Interactive's Frans and Willie Overman talked about how the vessel's famous story inspired them in creating Titanic: A Space Between:

As lifelong Titanic fans, we believe the combination of the famous ship and an immersive horror story creates a truly thrilling experience for VR users.

What to expect from Titanic: A Space Between

Globiss has released the following gameplay resources for Titanic: A Space Between:

Time Travel Horrors: Take on the role of Hendrik van Eden, an expert sent back to the Titanic to uncover the mysterious disappearance of a previous traveler, Diana. He slowly discovers the truth about time travel and the horrors that accompany it.

An Urgent Escape: Be dropped into the bowels of the Titanic and use your wits to escape the ship, deck by deck. Solve countless puzzles and manipulate your environment to avoid the constantly rising water. Using a weighted physics system, interactions feel natural and diverse.

Cutting-edge Graphics: Experience the Titanic in all its glory, utilizing top-notch lighting and water systems. Through countless optimizations and tricks, we've achieved a high-fidelity Quest experience that closely resembles PC VR experiences.

Coming Soon: Exploration Mode will allow fans of the legendary ship and history buffs to freely explore the Titanic in a faithful recreation of the final hours before the sinking at their own pace. This mode will include an option that will allow players to see the water rising as they explore. This is the first time that such a large part of the ship will be ready to be explored in a virtual reality experience with this high level of detail.

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