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Spider-Man gameplay in Marvel Rivals is challenging, says director



Marvel Rivals is on the way and many comic book heroes will be present in the title. However, don’t expect to find a fun proposition right away when choosing certain characters. Spider-Man, for example, is very difficult to control, the devs said in an interview with GamesRant.

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The question was raised after seeing that the shooter’s interface shows a difficulty marker for each hero. According to Thad Sasser, director of the title, this helps players think carefully before choosing a fighter, after all, the skill needed to get along with some may require practice:

You’re probably familiar with the concept of minimum skill level and skill ceiling, right? Minimum skill level is the minimum set of skills you need to have to be successful, and skill ceiling is the theoretical maximum of how good you can be. Some characters are much harder to learn and therefore have a much higher minimum skill level, so they are harder to master because their skills require more coordination, strategy, planning, or understanding the battle format. These are characters like Spider-Man, for example. Spider-Man is very difficult to play until you learn how to play him. Once you learn how to maneuver, how to get out of a sticky situation, move around the map, pick up health packs, come back, land your combo successfully, and get out again, he’s a great attacker, but he’s really hard to learn.

Marvel Rivals - exclusive Spider-Man skin for PS5 players - Scarlet Spider Kaine ParkerMarvel Rivals - exclusive Spider-Man skin for PS5 players - Scarlet Spider Kaine Parker

And Sassser goes further, saying that whoever can play with Spider-Man in Marvel Rivals can become an unbeatable player in 6v6. Is it really that difficult to control the web head? We’ll find out when the game launches in 2024.


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