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Spin-off of The Callisto Protocol, Project Birdseye announced



Krafton and Striking Distance Studios announced the development of a game set in the universe of The Callisto Protocol. With the essence of a roguelike, Project Birdseye had its first gameplay released, but it still has no platform details or release date.

According to the studio (via Gematsu), the game began production in 2023 and consists of an accessible, but difficult to master, experience. Furthermore, the title will bring a “vision of a perfect future” to the team, with a completely different concept from the original game.

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A trailer released by Striking Distance Studios also provided a series of details about Project Birdseye. The Callisto Protocol spin-off appears to be a loop-based dual shooter, with melee and firearms combat systems, as well as progression elements.

Watch the gameplay of the game that will take place in Black Iron Prison below:

Spin-off of The Callisto Protocol did not impact production of new AAA

Striking Distance Studios is already working on a new AAA game, and stated that the development of the derivative of The Callisto Protocol did not affect the schedule of the next project. The roguelike is classified as a “side mission” and only expands the universe of the original title.

Furthermore, the company reinforces that Project Birdseye is not a survival horror sequel. However, the team could be testing a new “concept” to gauge community reception.

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