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Square Enix will prioritize quality over quantity of games



Square Enix has announced that it will be revamping its game planning strategy. From April this year, the company will prioritize quality over quantity and must change the way it deals with third parties.

According to a Bloomberg report, the company's president, Takashi Kiryu, would be leading the review for the organizational structure. According to him, analysts will see “what is the best way to implement the pipeline content” to increase profit margins.

Apparently, this means that Square Enix will look more at internal development, especially at studios focused on higher-profile franchises. Thus, there would be, consequently, a reduction in the number of projects produced by external partners.

The website also states that this reformulation would be accompanied by more rigorous quality control. The department would be supported by a new verification mechanism capable of driving decisions about the stage of a game before moving on to the next phase of development.

Final Fantasy XVIFinal Fantasy XVI
Source: Square Enix

The strategy would aim to ensure that major game releases meet Square Enix's expectations.

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