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Star Rail 2.1 arrives at the end of March, says HoYoverse



HoYoverse announced today (16) that version 2.1 of Honkai: Star Rail, “In the Heart of the Abyss”, will be released on March 27. This update brings new scenarios and companions, as well as taking Pathfinders to explore more of Penacony.

At the same time, to celebrate the RPG's first anniversary, the development team has prepared a series of events and benefits. By logging into Version 2.1, players can obtain 20 Special Star Rail Passes, 1,600 Star Jades and other valuable rewards, as well as other rare items.

Watch the new trailer below:

With the arrival of Version 2.1, the “Cast of Destiny” function will be launched. Through it, players will not only be able to follow the Expresso Crew during Pathfinder Missions, but they will also be able to see from the point of view of other characters, understanding the motives and secrets behind the different factions.

Three new characters in Honkai: Star Rail 2.1

Acheron, a 5-star character, will make his debut in version 2.1. In battle, whenever she casts her Skill, she accumulates a special charge called “Shattered Dream”. At the same time, when any target uses a Skill and inflicts penalties on enemies, the charges of “Shattered Dream” also increase accordingly. When the “Shattered Dream” charges reach a specific value, the heroine can immediately activate her Ultimate Skill, delivering a four-stage attack on the enemy, including three stages of damage aimed at single targets and one stage of area damage. Additionally, when Acheron uses his Technique, it will immediately attack enemies. If the target is a common enemy, Acheron will eliminate it directly.


Another 5-star character is Aventurine. He is an executive in the Strategic Investment Department of the Interastral Peace Corporation and a member of the Ten Hearts of Stone. In battle, the hero's unique Skill can apply a stackable special Shield to the team. When an ally with this Shield receives an attack, Aventurine accumulates a charge called “Blind Bet”. When these charges reach a specific value, Aventurine activates an Extra Attack, and upon performing it, applies the special Shield again to the entire team. Aventurine's Ultimate Skill grants you a certain amount of “Blind Bet”, deals damage, and inflicts a special penalty on the enemy. When any ally attacks a target under this state, critical damage is increased.


Finally, the 4-star character Gallagher will also join the players' team. He is not only a security officer of the Hound Family lineage, but also a cocktail maker in his spare time. In gameplay, Gallagher uses his Ultimate Skill, which not only damages all enemies, but also affects them with a special negative state, allowing allies to recover HP when attacking enemies under this state, thus improving the team's sustainability in combat. .


New areas in Honkai: Star Rail 2.1

In addition to the new characters, the plot of Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 will be centered around two new areas of Mundonírico: the Clock Studios Theme Park and the Pavilhão do Orvalho.

Located in the enchanting “Golden Hour”, the Clock Studios Theme Park offers an experience of unparalleled joy for all visitors. Here, players can not only immerse themselves in Penacony's film and TV culture, but also have the chance to participate in film production. Pathfinders need to skillfully dodge opponents' attacks and obstacles by completing a series of challenges.

The Pavilhão do Orvalho is located in the mysterious Momento do Orvalho, a hidden Mundonírico space. As part of the Carvalho Family property, the place belongs to Mr. Sunday and is important for families to get together and discuss important plans.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PC, iOS, Android, Epic Games Store and PS5.

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