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Star Rail has a (fake) film announced by HoYoverse



HoYoverse celebrates April 1st in style — really big. The Genshin Impact studio released a trailer to promote the CGI film of Honkai: Star Rail, although it was all just a joke.

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Titled “Decisive Battle! The legend of the hero Pathfinder of the great cosmos!”, the film transforms the little mascot Pom-Pom into a Godzilla-style Kaiju. To combat an attack of vast proportions, she acquires unimaginable powers and becomes humanity's last hope.

The Honkai: Star Rail film, which “will not be released worldwide on 04/01/2024”, introduces the King of Terror as the main villain. However, as the concept of the video itself reveals, his participation in the space odyssey should end there. Watch below:

The King of Terror descends from the sky and humanity is on the brink of crisis. I believe we are one step away from a great conflict and the hero who walks the Path of Discovery is advancing with great strides. Rules were made to be broken!

Honkai: Star Rail is available on PS5, mobile devices and PC.

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