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Star Wars Outlaws can be finished in around 30 hours



Players will be able to finish Star Wars Outlaws in about 30 hours, according to creative director Julian Gerighty. For those who like to complete all available tasks, this time should practically double.

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This was confirmed during an interview with VGC, following the game’s trailer shown at Ubisoft Forward. Gerighty had this to say about the game’s length:

We decided very early on that it would be a 25-30 hour adventure on the main path, 50-60 hours to complete everything — that’s, for someone with a family and a job, a considerable amount of time. But it’s not an Assassin’s Creed epic, with 200 hours of gameplay, so it allows us to really focus on the details and, perhaps with a smaller team, execute something that’s manageable.

Star Wars OutlawsStar Wars Outlaws
Source: Ubisoft

Gerighty also said that the team’s vision for Star Wars Outlaws was 95% executed. One piece of content or another ended up being removed or modified due to animation limitations, scope limitations, and other issues. For example, the dive/swim mechanic will not appear in the final version.

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