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Star Wars Outlaws creative director explains Nix’s creation



Star Wars Outlaws has Kay Vess as the protagonist and the story is not a “JEDI tale”. She doesn’t have super powers, much less have appealing skills to deal with enemies, as we saw in the gameplay, however, she has Nix, her little companion on the battlefield.

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For Julian Gerighty, the game’s creative director, Nix was the way to make the character more human. A declared fan of the franchise, he sees the addition of the creature as something very cool capable of delivering more depth and options when it comes to sneaky gameplay or in a head-to-head confrontation.

In an interview with GameRant, Nix became a topic in the chat:


GameRant: Can you talk about your approach to Nix and how it fits into things like combat or stealth?

Gerrighty: The main initial idea was “How do we give Kay extra-human reach but not superpowers? A third long arm that can distract, attack, fire smoke bombs and grab a gun?” We quickly thought, “Okay, what if she was a mate?” Then the soft values ​​came in: the cuteness, the fierceness, the look and feel, everything that makes it lovable and more than just a game mechanic. But it always starts with: “How do we give players more control over the situation? The battlefield? The place?”

star wars outlaws
Source: Ubisoft

Star Wars Outlaws will be released on August 30th for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. Ready to adventure with Nix?

Star Wars Outlaws can be finished in around 30 hours

Star Wars Outlaws has a main line of missions lasting 30 hours and the time can double for those who enjoy doing all the in-game tasks. Find out more here!

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