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Star Wars Outlaws will be the most detailed experience in the series



star wars outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws has everything to be one of the most graphically beautiful games in the series. Who says this is NVIDIA, a manufacturer of video cards and a strong supplier of technologies for the gaming industry, which is betting heavily on the power of the Snowdrop Engine.

In a blog post for the Game Developer's Conference, the company announced a series of new technologies. One of them will even make NPCs have “souls” and be much more realistic and spontaneous. But for Ubisoft's Star Wars-focused game, the approach is as follows:

Star Wars Outlaws is built using Massive Entertainment's incredible Snowdrop Engine, allowing developers to create the most detailed Star Wars experience you've ever seen, with perfectly recreated ships, iconic locations, and stunning worlds for you to visit and experience.

Star Wars OutlawsStar Wars Outlaws

Tobias Carlson, technical director of the game, concluded by saying the following about the project: “Worldbuilding is part of our DNA, and what better way to showcase our work than by creating the first open-world Star Wars game.

Star Wars Outlaws is expected in 2024, however, it does not yet have an official release date.

Star Wars Outlaws will feature advanced ray tracing

NVIDIA also stated that DLSS 3 will be one of the signature features of the Star Wars Outlaws experience. With this, players can expect even more realistic graphics and reflections. See more information here!

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