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Star Wars strategy game not affected by layoffs



Announced at the beginning of 2022, a strategy game in the Star Wars universe developed by Bit Reactor remains in production. Even after the wave of EA layoffs that resulted in the cancellation of the series' FPS, inspired by Mandalorian, which was being built by Respawn.

The confirmation was made by the official company profile on social network X: “The last week has been difficult for the industry, and even more so because we have very good relationships with other Respawn teams. But for everyone asking, we're still working hard, and our game hasn't been affected by last week's news.”.

In other words, despite the small setback with the Mandalorian shooter, the Star Wars franchise continues at full steam in games.

Another Star Wars RTS?

Rumors shared on the internet last year indicated that a “renowned developer” would also be working on a Star Wars strategy game. Not yet revealed, it would have mechanics based on XCOM and Marvel's Midnight Suns, with the action taking place in real time. The information was released by Andy Robinson, editor of VGC, and indicates that the project is not that of Bit Reactor. According to him, the experience is original to the franchise and is already in production by the supposed AAA studio.

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