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Star Wars: The Acolyte could hide a huge twist on Mae’s master



Series Star Wars: The Acolyte has only just begun, but many twists and turns have already punctuated its story. And what happens next could well hide an even bigger surprise from spectators: the presence of two Sith masters!

The first episode of The Acolyte wasted no time before catching its audience off guard, eliminating an important character right from the introduction. The story continued by revealing that the assassin – or “acolyte” – actually had a twin sister, Osha, a former padawan of Master Sol.

But the most chilling moment came at the end of the pilot, when Mae joined her master and spectators discovered a silhouette with a red lightsaber. A color that couldn’t be more explicit in the universe Star Wars… And this, even if little information has yet been shared on this new character, at the time of the High Republic where the Siths are not yet commonplace.

And if for the spectators it is obvious that Mae’s master is indeed a Sith, this ending sequence could reveal much more than we believe at first glance. After all, The Acolyte did not skimp on the small details to tease the intrigues, like the logo insisting on a duality of colors for the “O”, thus preparing the ground for the story of the twins.

The series also did not hesitate to surprise its audience by killing an important character in the first minutes, even if it meant attracting the wrath of fans. In the same way, the second murder is surprising, since the victim seems more on the side of his murderer than against him.

Taking all of this into account, we can quite naturally expect a new twist regarding the antagonists. The figure on the rocks could be just one of Mae’s several masters. In any case, this is a theory that has become popular on the subreddit of Star Warswhich joins a slightly older idea on the arrival of names already known to the franchise, and belonging to the past.

Many Internet detectives have therefore assumed that the famous Darth Plagueis could make his appearance – and later become the mentor of the terrible Palpatine.

The rule of two being also important among the Sith, if we refer to other works of Star Wars and its extended universe, we can easily expect to see another Sith arrive in the series.

Without forgetting the very title of the series, “acolyte” referring both to a character accompanying a protagonist in popular culture, but also to a cleric responsible for assisting a priest in a more religious setting. However, Mae was described as “acolyte“, and not an apprentice: it is therefore very likely that the rule of two already exists in the series.

If two Sith masters exist, viewers will certainly be able to quickly discover them in the rest of the series. And so as not to miss anything Star Wars: The Acolyteyou can check the episode release schedule.

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