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Star Wars: The Acolyte fans think they’ve discovered who Mae’s master is



The mystery of Star Wars: The Acolyte gets thicker with each episode, but fans already think they’ve discovered who Mae’s mysterious master is.

There have been all sorts of guesses about who the mysterious master who made Mae his sidekick was, but it’s Qimir who stands out to fans.

In a discussion started on the Star Wars subreddit, many fans point the finger at Qimir, a former smuggler who is seen helping Mae when she fails to kill Torbin.

Qimir seems to know a lot more than he lets on. The character appears incredibly well informed about poisons, about the Jedi, but also and above all, about the Sith.

Qimir in the Star Wars series The Acolyte

“My bet is on Qimir”said one fan, echoing the popular fan theory. “He half-quoted a Sith phrase and showed an understanding of the Jedi mind that would be unusual for a simple smuggler.” »

Another followed, joking about Manny Jacinto’s (Qimir’s playing) fan-favorite role in The Good Placesaying : “Jason understand?” Jason figured out how to create life by controlling midi-chlorians? It’s really the worst. Yeah, it hurts. »

A user noticed a plot point in The Acolyte which supports the idea that Qimir is Mae’s master, emphasizing “the guy knew that Torbin was meditating in some sort of dream while Mae had never shared this information with him. »

Others pointed out how Qimir’s skills seem strangely advanced, with one stating: “He was also SUSPICIOUSLY quick to counter Mae’s attack when she confronted him about selling her out to the Jedi. He should not be able to anticipate, parry, and outplay a trained Force user. »

Finally, other fans just had fun with it, joking that it could be Jar Jar Binks, a third brother of Mae and Osha, or even Emperor Palpatine. But the general consensus remains that the mysterious Qimir is the main choice to be the mortal master in the Star Wars series.

Fans will definitely learn more about Qimir and his past soon, given that he was seen helping Mae escape the planet after she failed to kill Sol.

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