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Stardew Valley creator wants the game to “last forever”



Eric Barone, the creator of Stardew Valley, gave an interview to Polygon and discussed several topics. Of course, update 1.6 was on the agenda during the chat and with that, the developer took advantage of the gap and decided to leave fans prepared for more news in the future, stating that he does not want to end support for the game so soon.

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Barone confessed to having thought about making patch 1.6 the last update for the title. And even though he started working on other projects, he couldn't let go of the simulator for good. As a result, he assumed that he will not be able to avoid continuing to provide content to the community:

I feel like the boy who cried because I said this is the last update many times and always ended up doing another update for Stardew Valley. So, it's like I'm saying, who knows? I don't think I'll officially close the book. The book is always open. This is my life's work.

As a result of all this, Barone's affection for Stardew Valley made patch 1.6 bigger than expected. The release for consoles still needs a date, but it will arrive on March 19th for PC.

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