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Starfield mod allows seamless interplanetary travel



A Starfield modder has created a mod that allows you to travel between planets and their orbital bodies without a loading screen.

Starfield had a bit of a disappointing launch for a large-scale RPG from Bethesda. While significant progress has been made with the game, most notably with the May 2024 update, there are some aspects that simply haven’t satisfied players.

Early on, one of the biggest complaints was how space travel was handled. Constant navigating through menus and loading screens while fast traveling convinced some players that the game’s low review scores were justified.

Fortunately, the mod Astrogate aims to approximate the planetary travel experience of Star Wars Outlaws. Although still in development, a demo on Reddit shows us the first steps towards seamless interplanetary travel in Starfield.

As of today, the Astrogate mod for Starfield functions as a suite of autopilot options that allows you to move around your ship as it travels through space. Players can adjust the speed to mitigate long-distance flights and avoid spending seven hours traveling from planet to planet.

However, its main advantage is that it allows immersive travel between a planet and any of its orbital bodies, including moons and space stations. Not only does it allow your ship to take off and land automatically, but it does so without a loading screen between each trip.

Travel between planets and systems still requires the player to enter the cockpit and initiate a gravitational jump. The reason these limitations are not involved in short-distance travel around a planet is that a planet and its orbital bodies are all considered to be in the same location.

The mod’s creator, RealityIDR, wants to find other ways to bypass Starfield’s loading screens. Their main goal, however, is to find a way to incorporate the game’s random encounters into the Astrogate mod.

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