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Starfield players captivated by the charm of these “magnificent” outposts



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Starfield players captivated by the charm of these magnificent outposts

Starfield includes an outpost construction feature intended for resource acquisition, often considered superfluous by players. Nonetheless, one player's artwork revealing sublimely designed outposts has captured the hearts of fans.

Outposts in Starfield are primarily used to collect resources. However, you also have the option to decorate them and live there while exploring an unknown planet. Unfortunately, most players ignore the creation aspect and only focus on gathering resources.

However, one player dedicated a significant portion of his time to creating visually impressive outposts in the game. And it turns out that fans fell in love with them. They were indeed able to discover a completely different side of outpost construction.

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Starfield players have fallen in love with these 'magnificent' outposts

The discussion was started by player Lady_bro_ac on Reddit. She shared several screenshots of her outposts in Starfield. She mentioned, “I've seen a lot of posts asking why bother building outposts. and while resources are the most common answer, my answer will always be because you can build a lot of really cool stuff with them.

She also claimed, “I understand that maybe not many people care about base building for fun in this game, but I wanted to post for those who do.”

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The community seemed amazed by the designs. One user commented: “This is beautiful, my outpost looks like a Siberian mining town.” Another loved the “cozy workspace” and added, “It’s awesome!” »

One player said he was going to “settle down and focus entirely on building outposts” once he was “finished with NG+.” It seems that new intergalactic vocations have been born thanks to this sharing with the Starfield community.

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