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Starring VTuber, new game “Aquarium.” is announced



During SUPER EXPO 2024, an event held in Tokyo (Japan) returning to the world of VTubers, a game was announced. This is a new entry for the “Aquarium” series, which is in development at Entergram, a producer known for porting visual novels to consoles.

There aren't many details about the project yet: we don't know the platforms it will be available for, much less the launch window. On the other hand, it is public knowledge that Japanese VTuber Minato Aqua, hired by the “hololive” agency, will star in the game.

The first game in the “Aquarium” series. is available worldwide for PC (via Steam). There are also PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions, but only in Japan.

Discover the Aquarium series.

On Steam, Internet users can see more details about the original game. According to the official description, the game tells a “summer story about Aqua — a maid who carries a secret — and her master (the player), who has lost part of her memory.”

From then on, the master prepares to take on family responsibilities and needs someone to help with this task. Enter Aqua, who has a personality opposite to that of the protagonist. Do opposites attract? It's up to the players to find out.

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