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Stellar Blade campaign can last up to 25 hours



Stellar Blade's main campaign will offer a good amount of hours for players to enjoy. Just by following the central line of missions, the story will be completed in up to 25 hours, with variations depending on the gameplay style and difficulty levels.

In an interview with the website Ruliweb, the CEO of Shift Up, Kim Hyung Tae, commented that the game's central campaign will be relatively long. However, if players want to complete all activities, side missions and collectibles lists, this time can be extended to 50 hours.

Kim also commented on the delay in the release of Stellar Blade. According to him, defects were not discovered during the quality inspection stage, but only the postponement period was used for a careful “polishing process”.

Anyone who likes action and adventure can play, but the combat system isn't that easy, and instead of a style where just the player attacks, you can think of it as a way where you use skills while identifying and avoiding enemy attacks. .

For those who find this type of game difficult, there is also a difficulty adjustment and a support function so you can enjoy the story comfortably. However, in the phases initial attacks, it is best to carefully monitor the enemy's movements.

Stellar Blade will be released on April 26th for PS5. Pre-sale starts this week.

Stellar Blade could have a crossover with a major franchise

Shift Up is reportedly considering cosmetic collaboration options on Stellar Blade. Among the crossovers, there would be the possibility of a partnership with the NIKKE: Goddess of Victory franchise, a project that delivered monthly revenue of US$25 million to the studio. Click here to learn more.

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